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Back to our new normal

What a year it was... Most of us probably look back on the past year and don't know what to make of it at first. Lockdown, release, lockdown and in between the daily work routine in an industry where we have to consider ourselves lucky that we could continue to work at all. But how has work changed? Acceleration or deceleration? What innovations have had to be introduced as a result of the restrictions? Is the home office now the new office and do we actually still need offices? How will working life change after Corona? As you can see, a lot of, perhaps still unanswered, questions have piled up and that's where we come into play. Stefan Kleineikenscheidt (K15t), Daniel Meisen (Kreuzwerker) and Christian Koch (Scandio) will get to the root of these questions... and remember: it's definately the last talk on this platform. Afterwards, there will of course be the opportunity to share your own experiences in a cozy setting and discuss with other people from the industry and find some possible solutions for the future. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you all very much for being a part of our talks. It was a pleasure.

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